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The Detroit Tigers Podcast's Mid-Season Roundtable

With a bunch of Tigers fans in the same room for the Mike McClary birthday bash, and the season at the All-Star break, it seemed like an ideal time to podcast a roundtable chat about the team, and that's exactly what we did on Sunday.

Most of the discussion responds to Jon Paul Morosi's generous mid-season grades that were published in Sunday's Detroit Free Press, with a couple of digressions here and there. I made the mistake of setting a bowl of cashews in front of me when we were recording, so if any crunching was recorded (which I don't think it was), I apologize for the distraction.

You can download Episode #54 directly from this link or head on over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more.

If you get a chance, please let Mike know what you think. You can offer feedback by posting a comment (here or there) or calling in to his listener line (602-903-5174).

Appreciation in advance for downloading and listening. And thanks to Mike for inviting me to participate; I always have a great time on the podcast.