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Clete Gets Squeezed Again

With Magglio Ordonez set to return to the Tigers' roster tomorrow, someone had to get bumped for him. I thought it would be Jeff Larish, since he was called up to give Detroit an extra bat while they didn't need a fifth starter. But given the logjam in the outfield and the possible need for an extra designated hitter or first baseman if Gary Sheffield or Miguel Cabrera need a rest, it makes sense that Larish would stay.

Though Matt Joyce was the player who took Ordonez's place when he went on the disabled list, he's been swinging the bat far too well to send down now. That really just left one guy as the odd man out, which probably made this decision easier than I initially saw it. So Clete Thomas gets the ticket to Toledo. It doesn't quite seem fair, but was probably the best move for the Tigers to make.

In 133 plate appearances with Detroit, Thomas batted .284/.366/.405 with one home run and nine RBIs.