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No Walks, No Worries For the D-Train?

Life is really all about the little victories, isn't it? Getting that nice parking space at the grocery store. Nabbing the last chocolate chip cookie at the coffee shop. Finding a five-dollar bill in your pants pocket. And Dontrelle Willis not walking any batters in his latest outing.

The D-Train was back on the mound in Lakeland yesterday, getting the start for the Flying Tigers against the St. Lucie Mets. Willis pitched three innings, giving up one run on four hits, but most importantly, he did not walk a single batter. 26 of his 32 pitches were thrown for strikes.

Here's what Flying Tigers pitching coach Joe Coleman said to the Lakeland Ledger after the game:

"Chuck Hernandez and I have been working with Dontrelle to get him to throw the ball to zones rather than trying to hit spots.

"Tonight's outing was a very positive step toward Dontrelle's return to Detroit."

In five innings of game action in Lakeland so far, Willis has allowed two hits, two runs, one strikeout, and three walks.