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Game 97: Tigers (48-48) at Orioles (46-49)

Nate Robertson (6-8, 5.26) vs. Daniel Cabrera (6-5, 4.33)

Thursday night, the Tigers brought the big boi bats. Last night, the Orioles swung the big sticks. If this series continues to follow the rhythm of its first two games, tonight should be the Detroit's turn to knock out some long balls. And Daniel Cabrera could be just the guy to accommodate such an outburst.

Last time Cabrera faced the Tigers, they hung five runs (four earned) on him in five innings. And he didn't make things easier on himself by issuing six walks. What may have been most memorable about that game, however, was the showdown between Cabrera and Gary Sheffield. Cabrera plunked Sheffield earlier in the game, but Sheff got the last word by hitting a two-run homer. And it was such a titanic shot that Sheff couldn't help but look at it.

"I was always told by Dave Parker," Sheffield said after the game, "whenever you hit one like that, you have a right to look at it."

Cabrera didn't much care for that, giving Sheff the stink-eye as he circled the bases. But really, who won bragging rights in that match-up? Do not poke the bear, Daniel Cabrera. You'll just make him angry.

Nate Robertson is back to alternating good starts with bad starts, and if that pattern continues, he's due for a good game tonight. In his last start, the Twins pummeled him for five runs and 10 hits. Before that, however, Robertson held the Mariners to one run over nine innings. Last year, he won both of his starts against the Orioles, which boosted his career record against Baltimore to 4-1 with a 3.05 ERA.

UPDATE: Check out who's playing third base for the Tigers tonight.