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Blown Leads, Blown Calls: Orioles 11, Tigers 10

Giving up 11 runs is no way to get through a baseball game, son.

Blake said it in the GameThread as well as anything I could write. Brian Runge made one of the worst calls at home plate you'll ever see, calling Placido Polanco out when replays showed his foot all the way across the plate before Ramon Hernandez's glove even touched his chest. He didn't just blow that call, he absolutely destroyed it.

But it never should've come to that. The Tigers blew two leads in this game. They handed Nate Robertson a 6-0 lead in the first inning, and he couldn't even make it through three innings, in what was probably (surely?) his most revolting performance of the season. (Jim Leyland was clearly disgusted with Robertson in his post-game interview.) And Joel Zumaya and Freddy Dolsi served up two fat first pitch home run balls in consecutive innings.

Easily the worst loss of the season. And one of the most repugnant efforts this pitching staff has ever subjected its fans to.

Roll Call

Despite the blown leads that should've made most of us find something else to do, we had a great turnout in the GameThread that kept crackling throughout the evening.

Thanks to spotstarters, wepri31, explosivo2k2, pfuhrmeister, Boney, rock n rye, HavocRox, Zappatista, MSU4LIF, Wingz, skoneyhill, densogirl, MackAveKurt, dettigionswings'stons, Tony K, gf206, and ashmark for setting themselves up for a crashing disappointment. We'll all need therapy for this.