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Game 100: Tigers (50-49) at Royals (45-55)

Kenny Rogers (7-6, 4.62) vs. Kyle Davies (3-1, 4.59)

You don't suppose the Royals might be a little jittery tonight, do you?

I mean, if I took a beating from somebody and the the next day, the same guy came back and raised his fist at me, I'd flinch. Probably wishful thinking on my part. I mean, as we've said after the Tigers had to swallow a tough loss or pounding, the schedule pushes a team to move on quickly because they have to take the field the next day. Besides, this Tigers team could easily follow up last night's run barrage with a pop-and-sputter effort.

Kenny Rogers is probably hoping his lineup saved some offense for tonight, because he's been giving up some runs lately. In three of his last five starts, Rogers has allowed four runs or more. (In those other two, he allowed three runs.) And in four of those games, opposing lineups got more than eight hits off him. In his last two starts (covering 13 innings), Rogers has given up 20 hits.

When Rogers faced the Royals in Kauffman Stadium earlier this season, they rocked him for seven runs and 11 hits in four innings. Both of these teams are now playing differently than they were back in May, but Rogers' recent history is something to consider. He has lost his last four starts against Kansas City.

Kyle Davies is winless in his last five starts, during which he's posted a 5.25 ERA. Since getting slammed for seven runs by the Orioles earlier this month, Davies has given up a combined six runs in his last two starts (12 2/3 innings). In two starts against the Tigers last season, he compiled a 1-1 record and 3.86 ERA.

Any chance the Royals send Jimmy Gobble back out there tonight? I mean, the best way to forget about a bad outing (10 runs! One inning!) is to get right back on the horse and try again, right?