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Will Steady Freddy's Shoulder Be Ready?

Pardon me while I imitate a bad stand-up comedian for one sentence. What has been the deal with Freddy Dolsi?

The presumed future of the Detroit Tigers' bullpen has allowed six runs in his last 1 2/3 innings, along with five hits and two walks. He was essentially the one bad note played during the symphony of a three-game sweep in Kansas City, coughing up the offense that the Royals could generate in Monday's 19-4 rout, and was nowhere to be seen in the subsequent two games.

But as is so often the case when bad performances and absences occur, there's a good explanation for the recent troubles Dolsi has seen. His shoulder is barking. Talk to us, Kevin Rand:

"It appears to be muscular in nature," said Kevin Rand, the head athletic trainer. "I just think he's a little tired. Hopefully, with the off day, he'll be ready to go again on Friday.

"The good thing about it is that he said something and didn't try to be a hero for a couple days. He gave us a chance to work with him, and hopefully we can get him ready to really help us this weekend against Chicago."

Fortunately, thanks to excellent starting pitching from Kenny Rogers and Armando Galarraga, along with generous run support from the Tigers' lineup, Detroit didn't feel Dolsi's absence over the past two games. And as Rand said, it's a good thing Dolsi spoke up when he did, giving him a few days to recuperate, because the Tigers will likely need every weapon in their arsenal for this weekend's series versus the White Sox.

(via The Cutoff Man)