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Byrd Brained: Indians 5, Tigers 0

The Tigers didn't bother to show up for tonight's game, so I don't feel I should have to write a recap of it. Four hits? From this lineup? What a joke.

Once again, Detroit's lineup made Paul Byrd look like a Cy Young Award winner. Every other team he faces knocks him around like batting practice, but somehow, he turns Tigers bats flaccid.

Roll Call

Thanks to Zappatista, PBURGTIGER, rook34, pfuhrmeister, rock n rye, spotstarters, MackAveKurt, dettigionswings'stons, HavocRox, Brian8603, Oost, Tony K, ThaWalrus9, explosivo2k2, and DtownsMurdersRow for enduring close to three hours of pop-gun baseball from the Tigers this evening.