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Game 106: Tigers (53-52) at Indians (46-58)

Armando Galarraga (8-4, 3.27) vs. Matt Ginter (1-1, 2.45)

Jim Leyland says the Tigers were "fatigued" last night, and intended to give his guys a bit of rest by cancelling today's batting practice. I'm not sure such a move was necessary, considering that Detroit seemed to get plenty of rest during their 5-0 loss to the Indians. Apparently, Paul Byrd can thank MLB for scheduling the Tigers to play the Thursday after the All-Star break. (Are they really still complaining about that more than a week after the fact? C'mon. Just admit you played like crap.)

Matt Ginter (who played for Detroit in 2005) has pitched well in his two starts since being called up from Triple-A Buffalo, allowing just three runs in 11 total innings. But if the Tigers can put up any kind of offense against him, Armando Galarraga should make sure a lead holds up. Besides throwing six perfect innings in his last outing, Galarraga has won both of his starts against Cleveland this year. In 12 1/3 innings, he's only given up four runs and five hits.

Unless you're a glass half-empty type who worries that the Tribe may figure Galarraga out the third time they've faced him. Now why would you be so pessimistic?

On a much more solemn note, thoughts and prayers go out to Lulu Harwell, who was taken to the hospital for chest pains early this morning. She'll be hospitalized overnight while doctors conduct tests.