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Five-Hour Fever Dream: Tigers 14, Indians 12

Whatever thoughts I initially had about this game faded into the ether long ago. (Though I seem to recall total disdain for Nate Robertson and Todd Jones.) I apologize for the second Joker reference in this series, but... well, words fail me. And it's 1 a.m. EST. So here's your recap:

Roll Call

I know a big part of tonight's turnout was due to the Pudge Rodriguez trade, and initially, this game looked a total disaster for the Tigers. But it eventually got pretty fun. (Or maybe it never was fun, and I'm just punchy at this point of the night.)

So knowing nods of sympathy go to explosivo2k2, spotstarters, rook34, MSU4LIF, ThaWalrus9, halo0, MackAveKurt, BigAl, Boney, HavocRox, Zappatista, rock n rye, ViolaHalo, dettigionswings'stons, Jerkwheat, pfuhrmeister, Oost, ashmark, gf206, MikeMcClary, Tigsfan, Juskimo, densogirl, tplants, ahtrap, WildElliot (Welcome!), LosTigres, and TFerg1103 for riding the choppy waters and hanging out or checking in through one incredibly wacky night of baseball.