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Perplexed by the Slowball: Mariners 4, Tigers 1

Unfortunately, I missed the first 2/3 of this game, but judging from what I've seen from the highlights and box scores, I'm imagining the game went somewhat like "Baseball Bugs." It's not a perfect comparison, as you kind of have to imagine the Tigers as the Gashouse Gorillas and the Mariners as Bugs Bunny, and I like Bugs Bunny. But this should be more fun to watch than sitting through a DVR recording of the game.

You can also pretend the arguments between the home plate umpire and Bugs resemble whatever words were exchanged between Pudge Rodriguez and Brian Knight in the ninth inning that resulted in Pudge getting tossed. Fun!

Miguel Cabrera gave the Tigers early lead with - WHAM! - a homer, but after that, Erik Bedard pasted the Tigers with his powerful paralyzing perfect pachyderms percussion pitch. Or his curveball. Whatever you'd prefer to call it. One, two, three strikes - you're out!

Almost as perplexing was a lineup with Edgar Renteria batting third and Carlos Guillen not starting, but the Tigers are playing short-handed right now and alternating night games and day games in this four-game series means Jim Leyland is going to rest some of his guys.

Leyland also probably left Kenny Rogers in for one inning too many, but he'd only given up two runs and four hits by the eighth inning. And the Tigers used four relievers last night, so the bullpen didn't have many options on a short turnaround. Had Detroit scored more runs, neither of those considerations likely would've mattered.

Go A's? Go... Indians? White Sox and Twins losses would be much appreciated tonight.

Roll Call

Thanks to those who spent some of their 4th of July hanging out in the GameThread. Sparklers to ThaWalrus9, TonyS (Welcome!), wepri31, dettigionswings'stons, spotstarters, and Grant E. Hopefully, cookouts and vacations were part of your holiday, as well.