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Ryan Perry Gets His Tiger Stripes

Unlike the past few years, in which the Tigers were under the gun to sign their first-round draft pick before he went back to or entered college, Detroit agreed to terms on with pitcher Ryan Perry more than a month before the August 15 deadline.

Exact terms of the overall contract weren't revealed, but the Tigers did announce that Perry received a $1.48 million signing bonus as part of the deal. The amount of the signing bonus was almost decided for Detroit when Andrew Cashner, who was selected two slots ahead of Perry, agreed to a $1.54 million bonus with the Chicago Cubs.

Perry not only agreed to a contract with the Tigers, but was reportedly also told that he'll be called up to Detroit when the major league roster expands in September. That might explain why the Tigers opted for a presumably more big league-ready college reliever over a high school prospect. For right now, however, Perry will report to Single-A Lakeland.