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So How's Dontrelle Willis Doing?

Meanwhile, down in Lakeland...

While the Detroit Tigers sway back and forth between contending and not contending, toeing that .500 mark precariously, and tweaking their roster to make them as competitive as possible, Dontrelle Willis continues to try and work himself back into major league form. Last night was his longest outing since joining the Lakeland Flying Tigers.

Willis pitched five innings vs. the Sarasota Reds, allowing one run while giving up five hits and three walks. He also struck out three batters. Altogether, Willis faced 21 batters, getting nine of them to ground out, and three more to fly out. Sarasota scored their lone run in the second inning when Willis loaded the bases on two singles and a walk. He got a double play to prevent big damage, but one run did score. That was enough for Willis to take the loss, as the Lakeland lineup provided no offense.

The D-Train's next start is scheduled for Monday or Tuesday.