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Game 117: Athletics (54-62) at Tigers (57-59)

Greg Smith (5-10, 3.99) vs. Nate Robertson (6-8, 6.11)

Just out of curiosity, what do you think Nate Robertson's record would be if he had a 3.99 ERA, as his pitching counterpart, Greg Smith, does? Over the past month, Robertson's ERA has risen almost a full run, from 5.26 to 6.11. His start last Tuesday against the White Sox was actually considered "decent," despite him giving up four runs and nine hits in five innings, which only underlines how poorly he's pitched recently.

Yet Robertson's performance was overshadowed (overlooked?), partially because of the run support received, but largely due to a bullpen meltdown led by Kyle Farnsworth and Joel Zumaya. We know Zumaya won't pitch today, as the Tigers will keep him from throwing on consecutive days. But I imagine we'll see The Farns if there's a save situation.

If the Tigers' lineup has another 10-spot in them, however, their pitching might look just fine today.

For the A's, Smith is winless in his last six starts, allowing four runs or more in four of those outings. He pitched well in his previous start, however, giving up just two runs over six innings. Unfortunately, Oakland's bullpen couldn't hold the lead, as Huston Street coughed up two runs in the ninth inning, something that's been painfully familiar to Tigers fans in recent weeks.