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Blah: Blue Jays 7, Tigers 2

This losing the first game of a series thing the Tigers keep doing is getting old. Actually, it's already gone long past old, hasn't it?

Jim Leyland used the word "blah" to describe his team's performance tonight, and I see no reason to argue with him. In his post-game interview, Leyland also admitted that keeping Justin Verlander out there for 130 pitches in his last start caught up with him tonight. (Leyland also said, however, that he didn't regret the choice.) After looking great in the first inning, Verlander didn't have much else for the rest of the game. He lasted only 4 1/3 innings, giving up six runs on seven hits in the process.

And if Gary Sheffield wants the fans to stop booing him, even though he says he doesn't care, he should stop going 0-for-the-game. Sheff followed up yesterday's 0-for-4 with an 0-for-3 this evening. He was the only player in the Tigers' lineup tonight who didn't get a hit. (Shouldn't nine hits yield more than two runs? There's a song we're all tired of hearing.)

Roll Call

I know it's getting harder to watch these things as the season continues to spiral down the drain. But those who came by to see how things were going are still very much appreciated.

Thanks to PBURGTIGER, ashmark, spotstarters, dettigionswings'stons, longview, Jerkwheat, gf206, rook34, Tony K, TFerg1103 for popping in, even if it was just to work off some frustration. Courage.