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Game 119: Blue Jays (60-59) at Tigers (58-60)

A.J. Burnett (14-9, 4.62) vs. Zach Miner (6-4, 3.57)

What happens when you take a pitcher who's won eight of his previous 10 starts and put him against a team that's gone 3-7 in its last 10 games? That's what we get to find out tonight at Comerica Park. The Tigers better have gotten all the "blah" out of their system last night, because if they bring that kind of effort again, this ballgame could get ugly.

A.J. Burnett hasn't been entirely dominant, however, as he's allowed four runs in each of his last two appearances. He faced the Tigers earlier this season in Toronto, giving up three runs despite issuing six walks in five innings, and earning the win.

Making his fifth start since returning to Detroit from Toledo, Zach Miner has suddenly become one of the Tigers' most reliable pitchers. His ERA is under 2.00 as a starter, and he's gone into the sixth inning in each of his four appearances. If Freddy Garcia joins the Tigers' major league roster in the next couple of weeks, Miner's spot in the starting rotation is not the one he should take.

Gary Sheffield was one of several players the Tigers put on waivers today, but the move seems like more a formality than a statement. Regardless of what's happened the last two days, Sheff probably would've gone on waivers anyway. He's in tonight's lineup as the designated hitter, batting seventh.