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Game 120: Blue Jays (61-59) at Tigers (58-61)

David Purcey (1-3, 7.40) vs. Kenny Rogers (8-9, 4.92)

The good news is that the Detroit Tigers can salvage a split out of this series by winning the next two games. The bad news is that I actually had to type out such a sentence to lead off this GameThread.

Watching the Tigers devotedly is beginning to feel like an abusive relationship. After Monday night's "blah" loss, maybe you had finally had it. You were getting out of this thing, because you deserve to be treated better. By Tuesday evening, however, you were willing to give them another chance. Because hey, they mean well. And we've had some good times. Then the bullpen blew the game, and you remembered why you wanted to leave in the first place. So the question is, how are you feeling tonight?

Or am I just speaking for myself here?

Kenny Rogers has lost his last three starts, giving up 15 earned runs in the process. Though if he'd gotten any kind of run support from his lineup (Two runs against Dallas Braden, fellas?) against Oakland last Friday, he probably would've earned a win. On the other side, David Purcey makes just his sixth major league start. His very first one was against Detroit back in April, and he walked seven batters in just 4 1/3 innings. Unfortunately, the Tigers only scored run off Purcey that night, beginning a season-long dance with frustration.

Carlos Guillen is out of tonight's lineup. That pain in his back that took him out of action the last few games was caused by a pinched nerve, according to a MRI exam. As a result, Guillen will take it easy for two or three days. Ryan Raburn Ramon Santiago will start at third base in his place this evening.