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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 08/18

Jim Leyland told the Detroit News' Jerry Green that he's not walking away from the Tigers, and plans to manage next year. Unless, you know, he's fired.

Big Al answers The Daily Fungo's 17 questions about the Tigers heading into next season. (Man, I wish I thought of doing that.)

Baseball Prospectus' Nate Silver evaluates the Tigers' roster, looking as far ahead as 2014, and sees no reason why Detroit can't stay in contention for years to come.

Richard Justice writes that the Tigers were flawed from the beginning. Sure, now he tells us.

Both Buster Olney and Nick Cafardo are keeping the Gary Sheffield-to-Tampa trade embers burning.

Cafardo also wonders if recent injuries to Evan Longoria and David Murphy help Armando Galarraga's chances for American League Rookie of the Year. thinks Sheffield would provide a needed right-handed outfield bat.

Ken Rosenthal believes Nate Robertson is now expendable, and a decent finish to the season would make his contract look more appealing to potential trade partners. Rosenthal also says there's been no discussion of dealing Magglio Ordonez.

Here's an article on Class A pitching prospect Jonathan Kibler, who's gone 14-4 with a 1.63 ERA (and a 121/31 K/BB ratio) for West Michigan this season.

The San Francisco Chronicle's John Shea thinks Sheffield's recent behavior is no different than how he's acted with any other team he's played with.

Ernie Harwell wonders if the color of Edgar Renteria's bat makes it illegal.