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Game 126: Tigers (61-64) at Rangers (62-64)

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Armando Galarraga (11-4, 3.11) vs. Vicente Padilla (12-6, 4.85)

He wanted 'em; he's got 'em. Armando Galarraga relished the opportunity to face his former team and show the Rangers' organization what they missed out on by not pitching him in the majors and eventually trading him to the Tigers for a minor league outfielder who's now in the Mets' system. But here's the thing - which is what made Jim Leyland so nervous about his pitcher giving Texas possible bulletin board material - the Rangers can mash the ball. (Though that lineup is a bit less potent with Ian Kinsler now on the disabled list.)

So The Little Cat might want to be careful what he wishes for. Especially when he might be dealing with a case of tired arm after throwing 121 pitches in his last start. (Who do the Tigers think he is, C.C. Sabathia?) But Galarraga was outstanding in that game, giving up just one run and six hits over eight innings to a Toronto lineup that mowed over the rest of Detroit's pitching staff.

Vicente Padilla had his start pushed back from last Thursday, hoping that inflammation in his neck would clear up with a few days' rest. That probably had something to do with him allowing six runs and eight hits versus the Orioles the last time he took the mound. That's almost as bad as the game Padilla pitched in Detroit earlier this season, when the Tigers bombed him for seven runs and eight hits in just three innings.

UPDATE: Placido Polanco was scratched from tonight's lineup during batting practice, according to Jason Beck. No word on why yet. Ramon Santiago will start in Polanco's place.