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Game 129: Tigers (63-65) at Royals (55-73)

Zach Miner (6-4, 3.94) vs. Kyle Davies (5-4, 4.71)

With five very effective starts for the Tigers since being named to the starting rotation, Zach Miner was probably due for a bad game. And that's exactly what he had last Sunday against the Orioles, when he couldn't even make it out of the second inning after giving up five runs, six hits, and four walks. Was that meltdown an aberration for Miner or the explosive beginning to a downward slide? We'll find out tonight.

Miner's first start upon rejoining the major league roster was against Kansas City, and he was outstanding in that debut. In six innings, the Royals scored no runs and mustered just three hits.

Kyle Davies is fresh up from the minors, after being demoted to Triple-A Omaha just over a week ago when the Royals had an off-day and didn't need a fifth starter. Had he been using his pitches more economically, maybe he wouldn't have been the odd man out. But in his last five starts, Davies couldn't go past the fifth inning. One of those games was against the Tigers a month ago, when he gave up only two runs, but threw 96 pitches in four innings and ended up taking the loss.

On a personal note, congratulations to our good friend Big Al, who announced yesterday that he'll be moving his blog operation over to Most Valuable Network. (Hey, wait a minute - does this make us competitors? I already have one MVN arch-enemy in Samela. I'm getting outnumbered over here.) In my opinion, the esteemed Mr. Beaton is Detroit's best sports blogger, and it's fantastic to see him getting an even bigger platform to share his views and rants with the people.

Al, we just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you.