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Zach Bounces Back: Tigers 4, Royals 0

The real story tonight was Zach Miner, who shook off a bad outing with a strong effort. in 13 innings against the Royals as a starter, he's allowed no runs and six hits, and walked just two batters. But after Miguel Cabrera took us to the gun show tonight, we're firing back with a handful of bullets.

  • Will Cabrera hit that car in left field tomorrow? He came close to denting it with a baseball again tonight on his 28th homer of the season. Watch out tomorrow, Dodge Avenger.
  • Maybe I'm just reaching for anything to feel good about with 30-plus games remaining, but Cabrera posing in front of the dugout camera and then flexing a bicep on the bench showed a guy who's having fun playing baseball. He didn't look that way earlier in the season.
  • What are the chances of Cabrera catching Josh Hamilton for the major league RBI lead? Rod and Mario brought this up on FSN Detroit tonight. With 100 RBIs now, he's 15 behind Hamilton, with Philly's Ryan Howard sandwiched between them.
  • And perhaps best of all, there was no comeback drama in the late innings tonight, with Bobby Seay and Kyle Farnsworth both pitching scoreless, hitless frames.

With a win tomorrow, the Tigers can finish off their second straight sweep of the Royals and even the season series. They can also get back to .500, and jumping over that mark is the least that can be done with the remainder of this season.