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No Sweep 'Til... Royals 7, Tigers 3

So much for a sweep this weekend. Was it silly to even hope for one?

  • Kenny Rogers can't put two decent starts together anymore.
  • Despite Jim Leyland not going with a "Sunday lineup" and playing almost all of his regulars, most of them decided to take the day off anyway.
  • Except Placido Polanco. Two hits and two RBIs ain't a bad day.
  • How does a team get so little (three runs) out of so many hits (nine)? This has been happening all season. The Left on Base numbers continue to be infuriating.
  • When watching Joakim Soria pitch the ninth, I was wondering how much longer he'd be in a Royals uniform. But unless another team offers something nice, there's no reason to trade him. KC signed him to a great contract.
  • On the bright side - and yes, I'm really reaching - Nate Robertson made his Tigers debut as a reliever and got two outs in the eighth inning.

That's all I got.