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The End of the Kenny Rogers Era?

With a seeming inability to string together two quality starts these days, Kenny Rogers increasingly looks like a pitcher who can't help the Detroit Tigers anymore. But for another team that would like a boost to their pitching staff or could use a veteran presence for a playoff run, Rogers might still hold some appeal. (Especially since his contract runs out after the season.) To see if such a need exists, the Tigers put Rogers on waivers (along with several other players) over the weekend and will find out today if any team claimed him.

If he was claimed, the Tigers can try to work out a deal with that particular team (unless the claim was to prevent Rogers from going to a playoff rival). And if Rogers clears waivers, Detroit would be free to pursue a trade with any other team, though the likelihood of dealing him to a non-contender seems pretty small. According to the Freep's Jon Paul Morosi, Rogers also has a limited no-trade clause that could prevent certain trades from taking place. But if a deal is going to be made, the deadline for waiver trades is August 31, so it would happen soon.

The Spot Starters caught Buster Olney saying on ESPN that the Yankees would likely be in the best position to get Rogers, as their current record gives them the higher waiver position over other playoff contenders.

In 27 starts (161 innings) for Detroit this season, Rogers is 9-11 with a 5.09 ERA. Opposing batters are hitting .299 against him.