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Larish Up, Lambert Down

The chances of Chris Lambert's stay in Detroit lasting for at least one more start didn't look very good after last night's 2 2/3 inning, six-run effort. I thought he might receive some mercy from the Tigers' braintrust, as demoting him would once again create an opening in the starting rotaiton. Plus, it was the defense (or lack thereof) played behind Lambert that really lit the fuse for the Indians in that third inning.

But with Carlos Guillen's persistent back spasms, reinforcements are required at third base. And with major league rosters expanding next week, the Tigers can send Lambert down and bring him right back up. So the Tigers decided there's no time like the present to give Jeff Larish a shot at that position, which is something they were planning to do in the Arizona Fall League anyway. He'll get the start at third in tonight's series finale vs. the Indians, while Lambert likely waits to rejoin the Tigers next Tuesday.

Larish has played nine games at third base with the Mud Hens and played there one other time with Detroit just before being sent back to Toledo six weeks ago. In 55 plate appearances with the Tigers this season, he's batting .245/.327/.408 with two home runs and 10 RBIs.