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Is Freddy Ready?'s Jason Beck was down in Toledo tonight (along with Jim Leyland) to check out Freddy Garcia's start for the Mud Hens, and he filed a report on his blog.

According to Beck, Garcia was either supposed to go for three innings or throw 50 pitches, whichever came first. In a display of efficiency we haven't seen from too many of the Tigers' major league pitchers recently, Garcia took only 32 pitches to get through three innings, throwing 25 strikes in the process. He also struck out four batters, while walking none.

But to the question posed in our headline, Freddy probably isn't ready yet. His fastball ranged from 86-88 m.p.h., but his curveball was baffling the opposing lineup. And a 50-pitch limit doesn't demonstrate that he'll be ready to start for the Tigers in the immediate future. However, with at least one more minor league start possible, maybe Garcia has shown enough to get the call up on September 1 and at least contribute in middle relief until his arm strength is built back up.