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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread/Therapy

I think we could all use a day off from talking about the Detroit Tigers, but it's healthy to vent, so we're providing a safe place for you to get that stuff out of your system. Normally, I try to encourage off-topic conversation on off-days, but not today.

There's too much to talk about after an awful weekend at Tropicana Field, one that created Mad Jim Beyond Thunderdome. The Tigers' manager is threatening to make changes because he doesn't like what he sees (I guess he can go to the head of the line since he's the skipper), and implied he may be getting leaned on by upper management, as well. Maybe we'll see some moves today, but I have a feeling we won't until tomorrow. Today is probably a day of meetings and decisions among the Tigers' braintrust.

So what would you like to see Jim Leyland and/or Dave Dombrowski do? And of course, we all have thoughts on who should go, but who really will? Who has something to fear when they get to the ballpark tomorrow in Chicago?

Is tomorrow night Nate Robertson's last stand as a starting pitcher? Who should replace him? Casey Fossum? Eddie Bonine? Chris Lambert?

Have we already seen the last of Fernando Rodney as closer? Though no one seems capable of protecting a lead at this point, who should get the next chance to do so? Glass Joel? Freddy Dolsi? Casey Fien? The Farns? Kyra Sedgwick?

And how about the bigger picture? Where does this team go now? Did the season effectively end when Rodney walked in Carlos Pena yesterday? (Of course, it may have been over long before that.) Should the Tigers start playing for 2009 now?

Pull up a chair and say what's on your mind. This is the BYB support group. We're listening. As always, just be nice to each other.