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Epic, Disastrous Fail: White Sox 10, Tigers 8

Much better (and probably more appropriate) train wreck photos were posted in the GameThread, actually. It was the only way to get through 14 innings of hell.

Words cannot explain how utterly disastrous the Tigers bullpen is right now. (Bobby Seay and Fernando Rodney - with four hitless innings between them - are excused from this discussion.) Great efforts from Placido Polanco and Ryan Raburn (and the aforementioned relievers) were rendered meaningless by another comically horrendous failure.

Absolutely no lead is safe. No win seems possible.

Kyle Farnsworth and Joel Zumaya didn't just blow the leads they were given. They coughed them up in spectactular, cataclysmic fashion, serving up fat softballs that were launched out of the park for two demoralizing, soul-crushing home runs (along with a horrible error by Edgar Renteria) that would suck the spirit out of any team, let alone one already as disheartened as the Tigers have been.

Jim Caple says closers are overrated? He obviously hasn't watched the Detroit Tigers this season.

Who can be trusted to pitch in the ninth inning now? Who's left? Where can this team possibly go from here?