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Zach Has a Knack: Tigers 8, White Sox 3

So has Zach Miner earned a spot in next year's starting rotation? The guy has clearly found his niche. Why take him out of it?

Once again, Miner threw well, giving the Tigers a chance to win the game. He allowed only one earned run in six innings, and most importantly, issued zero walks. And unlike Miner's last start, the Detroit lineup followed through on their end with some runs tonight. The middle of the order brought the big sticks tonight, led by Miguel Cabrera, who went 3-for-3 and gave the Tigers a lead they never relinquished with a two-run homer in the third inning.

What was the play of the game? Ryan Raburn's diving catch of a line drive into left center to end the eighth inning would be a strong pick. Before Raburn hustled to get his glove under the ball, it looked like the bullpen had given up another crushing blow. (Great quote from Mike McClary via IM after that play: "What's all the fuss? Marcus makes that catch." Sure he does.)

But the lead became safe(r) in the top of the 9th when Magglio Ordonez made Ozzie Guillen pay for intentionally walking Carlos Guillen to set up a double play. Maggs launched a ball past Brian Anderson in center field that eventually went for a triple, bringing home two insurance runs.

So at least the Tigers didn't have to choke down a sweep. Considering how the previous six games have gone, that's something worth feeling okay about.

Roll Call

The GameThread started off a bit slow, but that was understandable. The last two games have been painful, and most of us surely struggled with trying to stay away. Plus, the Lions' exhibition opener may have piqued some curiosity. But after dipping some toes in, we found out the water was fine and eventually had a long-awaited victory to celebrate.

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