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Game 150: Tigers (70-79) at Rangers (74-77)

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Zach Miner (8-4, 4.29) vs. Kevin Millwood (9-9, 5.15)

The Tigers have given up 11 runs in two consecutive games. If they can keep Kyle Farnsworth in the bullpen tonight, they might just be able to end that ignominious streak. But Detroit will also need Zach Miner to pitch better than he has in his previous two starts.

Until those last two outings, it looked as if the Tigers would have to come up with some creative reasons to keep Miner out of next year's starting rotation. But after eight straight starts, perhaps he's hit something of a wall. In his last two appearances, Miner has allowed a combined 13 runs and 19 hits in 10 1/3 innings. Thanks to the rainouts in Chicago, however, Miner got a couple extra days of rest. So maybe he'll be a bit refreshed tonight.

Kevin Millwood hasn't pitched very well in his last two starts, either. Against the Mariners and Red Sox, respectively, he allowed 14 total runs (11 earned) and 20 hits in 11 innings. But when he faced the Tigers last month in Arlington, Millwood threw a complete game, holding Detroit to just one run and six hits.

Oh, and Happy Force Unleashed Day, apparently. At least that's what the imposing Sith Lord on the schedule is telling me today is. So, um, may the Force be with you, I guess. Also, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.