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Cover Your Eyes: Rangers 5, Tigers 4

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Are we really doing this again? This is happening now? You guys don't really want to read another recap of the Tigers' bullpen blowing a game, do you? I know I sure don't feel like writing one. But here goes.

If you're a glass half-full type, Zach Miner pulled himself together after two poor starts to pitch a decent game last night. But then there's the half-empty stuff. After converting nine straight save opportunities, Fernando Rodney is back to showing that he's probably not quite closer material, blowing his last two in aggravating fashion. (Tom Gage points out for us that Rodney has blown six saves in 16 opportunities, overall.)

Walking the leadoff hitter is never a good way to start the ninth inning. But it sure looked like the Tigers got hosed on a check swing by Michael Young. Is that the reason Detroit lost the game? Rodney still gave up hits to the next two batters he faced, indicating that maybe he was rattled a bit by Angel Hernandez's blown call. Of course, pitching with one out and no one on is a bit different than no outs and a runner on first. And was intentionally walking two straight batters really the best way to handle that situation, Jim Leyland?

I can't help but imagine that somewhere, in a huge office behind a mahogany desk, Frankie Rodriguez's agent is leaning back with his feet propped up, smoking an enormous cigar while giggling "Who's your Tiger?" to himself.