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Jim Leyland's Cleveland Vacation

Deep in the heart of Texas, Jim Leyland was not a happy man. At least during the first two games of the Tigers' series with the Rangers. Demonstrations of his outrage have given him a weekend respite from his managerial duties, as MLB has suspended Leyland for three games (and fined him an undisclosed amount) for "inappropriate conduct" toward umpires.

Monday night, he took issue with home plate umpire Eric Cooper changing his call on Max Ramirez getting hit by a pitch. Cooper eventually ejected Leyland, compelling him to sprint out of the dugout like George Brett getting a home run taken away. On Tuesday, Leyland was incensed with Angel Hernandez for calling a ball on a check swing by Michael Young. Not only that, the pitch appeared to be in the strike zone, regardless of whether Young held his bat back or not. When the game was over, Leyland berated Hernandez as he left the field.

Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon will manage the team in Leyland's absence, which could allow Angry Jim to chill out and check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or dine at one of Michael Symon's fine restaurants. But Leyland is only restricted from being in the dugout during the Tigers' three games, not from Progressive Field entirely. Hey, maybe he could put on a fake mustache like Bobby Valentine did that one time... Oh, right - I guess there would be a problem with that.

After the jump, we have BYB exclusive video of Leyland's disciplinary meeting with MLB executive Bob Watson. Simma down now!