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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 09/21

The work Eddie has been doing at Detroit Tigers Thoughts in cracking the Elias Rankings code that determines Type A or B status for free agents has gotten rightful attention from MLB Trade Rumors and The LoHud Yankees Blog. But today, he got some local love from the Freep, as Jon Paul Morosi cites Eddie's research in explaining what the Tigers won't be getting in return for Kyle Farnsworth after the season.

Not only is it gratifying to see a blogger's hard work acknowledged, but it's nice for traditional media to show what the blogosphere can offer.

The Boston Herald's Michael Silverman says the Tigers are the biggest bust of 2008.

Jerry Green of the Detroit News actually one-ups Silverman, calling the 2008 Tigers "the most shameful failures" in franchise history.

Gary Sheffield has some advice for Miguel Cabrera. Relax, it has nothing to do with demanding respect or remembering cheap shots. It's all about extending his career.

Would you trade Dontrelle Willis for Julio Lugo? That's a suggestion Jon Paul Morosi makes in today's Detroit Free Press. The Tigers need a shortstop, while the Red Sox have shown a willingness to take risks on starting pitchers. Both players are signed through 2010, with Willis set to be paid $22 million and Lugo $18 million.

Lugo played in just 82 games for Boston this season, compiling a .268/.355/.330 average with one home run and 22 RBIs. His range factor of .784 is also worse than Edgar Renteria's .800. Lugo also has more errors in 40 fewer games.

Shedding Willis' salary for a big league shortstop is intriguing, but Lugo sounds like a bad idea. At least Morosi's not suggesting Jack Wilson this time.

Morosi also put together a Tigers' all-prospect team.

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo repeats the J.J. Hardy and Derek Lowe speculation that was tossed out there this week by Ken Rosenthal and John Lowe.

Since I already mentioned The LoHud Yankees Blog, if you haven't read Peter Abraham's "day in the life" of a Yankees beat writer, it's an extremely insightful look into how work typically goes for a guy covering a major league baseball team.

Your non-Tigers note for today: Apparently, the Kansas City Royals are interested in acquiring Jeff Francoeur from the Braves. Is that a move that gets your attention? (via MLB Trade Rumors)