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Jim Leyland Will Be Back

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Just in case Matt Millen's dismissal by the Detroit Lions has piqued the bloodlust of Tigers fans looking for another head on a pike, general manager Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News' Lynn Henning this afternoon that Jim Leyland will return as manager next season.

Did this really need to be said? Maybe not, as Leyland's sounded like a guy who intends to come back - and come back with authority - for at least the past month or so. Besides, he's already under contract for next year. And if the Tigers are interested, he'd like to manage past 2009.

Considering that the Tigers currently share last place with the Kansas City Royals in the AL Central, however, and look as if that's where they might finish the season, Dombrowski may have felt that he needed to quash any potential speculation before it developed.

But it'll be interesting to see if there's already an understanding between Dombrowski and Leyland over changes in the coaching staff and roster to be made. I wouldn't be surprised if they've also discussed a one-year contract extension, to avoid having to manage as a "lame duck," with more to come, pending the performance of the team next season.

For now, however, we know we'll be getting at least one more year of The Tao of Leyland.