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Tag 'Em and Bag 'Em: Royals 10, Tigers 4

Last place in the AL Central now belongs solely to your Detroit Tigers.

Can we put Nate Robertson in the same box that mailed Matt Millen out of town? He stinks worse than the moldy feta cheese that I threw out of my refrigerator earlier tonight. Gag-inducing.

It's revolting to see this team just lay down and die as they play out the schedule. The Tigers' effort in this series with the Royals was obscene. The combined score of the three games was Kansas City 21, Detroit 6.

These players and coaches have taken the goodwill of a fanbase that was as excited as any I've ever seen in this city and treated it like toilet paper.

I was going to attend tomorrow's matinee opener against Tampa Bay, but those plans have changed. I'd rather roll on broken glass and be doused with alcohol.