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Sluggin' Santiago: Tigers 7, Rays 5

Oh, so now they win a game. Maybe the Detroit Tigers rise to the level of their competition. And apparently, the solution was... batting Ramon Santiago leadoff?

Clearly inspired by his manager's confidence in placing him at the top of the lineup, Santiago responded with a 3-for-4 day. And it was a muscular 3-for-4, as two of those hits were clubbed over the left field fence for home runs.

That is what happens, Scott Kazmir, when you try to sneak some cheese down the middle of the plate with two strikes. Don't get cocky just because your team was about to clinch a division title. Ramon Sluggo simply will not - cannot - let you get away with that.

Following Santiago's lead, Mike Hessman, Dusty Ryan, and Curtis Granderson also hit home runs for Detroit. Man, once that Tigers' hitting train gets rolling, do not step onto the tracks.

So the Tampa Bay Rays have to wait at least one more day to clinch the AL East, as the Red Sox beating the Indians tonight keeps that magic number at one. Delayed gratification in Detroit.

One last question, because I missed most of the game: Brandon Inge started in centerfield today? His season has come full circle. The super-utility man is back!