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One Take on Fixing the Tigers

In his "Being the GM" series for MVN Outsider, Evan Brunell writes what he would do if he was in charge of the Detroit Tigers. I think more than a few fans would agree with some of the moves he proposes, such as looking to trade Magglio Ordonez and/or Gary Sheffield, bringing back Freddy Garcia, and signing Brian Fuentes as a free agent closer.

But how about a trade for the shortstop whose name we've tried not to mention anymore?

The Detroit Tigers decline option on Edgar Renteria, acquire Jack Wilson from the Pittsburgh Pirates for Dontrelle Willis and Brent Clevlen.

The Tigers won’t have any interest in bringing Edgar Renteria back and will instead acquire Wilson, a target of the Tigers for a while now. The Tigers will acquire a gifted defender who will become a free agent after the season, but has the added bonus of a team option. It is a situation the Tigers would covet to be in.

Or filling the bullpen with, well, scrubs?

The Tigers should also bring in several flotsam relievers (and let Kyle Farnsworth walk) in an attempt to shore up their bullpen, relievers like Rudy Seanez, Ron Villone, Juan Rincon could see invites to spring training.

Detroit's already gone the flotsam route with Aquilino Lopez, Casey Fossum, and Gary Glover. How did that work out? Using one of those guys to pitch mop-up duty or long relief would fill a necessary role. But having all three of them exacerbated what was already a fatal flaw in the roster construction of the 2008 Tigers.

After the hangover wears off and the post-mortems are written, I know we'll be discussing what the Tigers should do to revamp next year's team all winter long. But I thought this might be a good way to get the conversation started a bit. Check out Evan's entire post. Do you like these suggestions? What would you do instead?