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Game 159: Rays (96-63) at Tigers (72-86)

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Andy Sonnanstine (13-8, 4.27) vs. Justin Verlander (10-17, 4.87)

You can't have a winning streak without getting started with that first win, so maybe the Detroit Tigers can actually string something together going into this final weekend of the 2008 season. However, unless the Tampa Bay Rays want to back into the playoffs and settle for the Wild Card (making them look even more like the 2006 Tigers), they still need a win to clinch the AL East.

Andy Sonnanstine looks like a prime candidate to give the Rays that final push. In his last three starts (19 2/3 innings), he's allowed a total of two earned runs. Against the Tigers in early August, Sonnanstine gave up two runs and seven hits in six innings.

Meanwhile, Justin Verlander is tied with Barry Zito for the most losses in baseball. Every time you think you've realized just how bad this season has been for the Tigers, something else comes along to hit you over the head and emphasize the point. Verlander being in the same sentence with Zito is yet another painful reminder. He's winless in his last five starts (losing four of them), giving up four earned runs or more in each game. This will be the first time Verlander has faced the Rays.

If you're watching tonight's game on TV, make sure you check out the Tigers Live pre-game show on FSN Detroit, which will have a Todd Jones retrospective. Jonesy will also join Mario Impemba and Rod Allen in the booth during the game broadcast. It's entirely possible that means the play-by-play and color commentary will start off terribly, but will eventually get the job done. (C'mon, I couldn't resist.)