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Game 142: Tigers (67-74) at Twins (78-63)

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Justin Verlander (10-15, 4.74) vs. Scott Baker (8-4, 3.66)

Right after Michigan and Michigan State presumably get their first victories of the season, you can switch over to FOX and see if the Tigers can rebound from the smackdown the Twins laid on 'em last night at the Metrodome.

(That is, if you're in the regional viewing area for the Tigers-Twins telecast. 21% of the country gets this one. According to Awful Announcing, those markets include Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Providence, Seattle, and Tampa. Go figure on the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Rose on the play-by-play? Yeesh. And for those of you calling for Leo Mazzone to replace Chuck Hernandez as pitching coach next season, he'll get a first-hand view of the Tigers' pitching staff today as the game analyst. )

Can Justin Verlander pitch much worse than he did last Monday against the Yankees? He lasted just 1 2/3 innings, giving up eight runs (five earned) in probably the worst performance of his career. If you listen to him, it's because the home plate ump squeezed him on the strike zone. But Jim Leyland's not having any of that. Over his last two starts, Verlander has allowed 13 runs in just 7 2/3 innings. Whether it's a mental or mechanical issue, or a fatigue thing, something's not right with him. Maybe Mazzone can point it out today.

Scott Baker hasn't lost to the Tigers this season, posting a 2-0 record and 3.91 ERA in four starts. He broke a six-game winless streak by holding Oakland to one run over six innings in his last outing.