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Game 143: Tigers (68-74) at Twins (78-64)

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Chris Lambert (0-1, 6.75) vs. Glen Perkins (12-3, 4.08)

Can the Tigers actually get themselves a series win at the Metrodome? A win today will accomplish exactly that, while helping to stick a twig between the spokes of the bicycle wheel that is the Twins' playoff chances. (Geez - that was a long way to swim for a metaphor.) That's more exciting than watching the Lions' season opener, isn't it? (No, I most certainly do not "believe in now.")

Chris Lambert makes the first road start of his major league career, and it could very well be his last one if he doesn't give the Tigers a decent effort. Jim Leyland has said he'd like to see Dontrelle Willis start at least one game before the end of the season, which would squeeze someone out of the rotation. In fairness to Lambert, the defense behind him has committed some hideous gaffes in his two starts. If Detroit's fielders do a better job of catching the ball, his numbers might look a little cleaner.

Glen Perkins hasn't taken a loss in his previous five starts, but he's been pretty generous with allowing runs in his last two outings. Over 12 innings, Perkins has given up eight runs and 18 hits (four of them home runs). Both of those games were on the road during Minnesota's grueling 14-game road trip, however, so maybe his home ballpark will bring him comfort. Perkins is 2-0 with a 2.18 ERA in three starts vs. Detroit this season.