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The Tigers' Newest Starting Pitchers

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It was only a matter of time, right? Once the Detroit Tigers added Dontrelle Willis and Freddy Garcia to the major league roster on September 1, they were surely going to start a game. Jim Leyland acknowledged inevitability this afternoon, announcing that both players will pitch in next week's series at Texas. According to Tom Gage, Willis will start Monday night, while Garcia will go on Wednesday.

I'm not sure about putting Willis and Garcia on the mound in the launching pad that's known as Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, but maybe Leyland figures that provides a good test. Plus, there really isn't much wiggle room left on the schedule. If these two guys are going to pitch, they have to do it soon.

The intent is to get each player two starts before the end of the season, so by pitching them next week, Willis and Garcia should also be available for the second-to-last series on the schedule in Kansas City. (Presumably, that also gives each pitcher an extra day of rest.)