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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 01/11

At DesigNate Robertson, Rogo asks what's become a pretty valid question: Were the Tigers ever really serious about signing a reliever this offseason? Their roster indicates that maybe they weren't, although I don't think Joel Zumaya's spot is exactly spoken for these days. And Freddy Dolsi has, I believe, two minor league options remaining. Still, it's a question worth asking.

Until Juan Cruz signs with another team, I'm going to hold out hope for him donning the Old English D. Beyond the Box Score breaks down his pitching repertoire, confirming that Cruz's fastball misses a lot of bats. However, given his control problems, he's risky as a closer and a Type A free agent.

And because I enjoy torturing myself, Peter Abraham has put together the Need-a-Job All-Star team, which includes two relievers that are still hopefully on the Tigers' free agent radar.

In my rage over Takashi Saito signing with the Red Sox, I neglected to mention that the Tigers signed a reliever from Taiwan. (RollingWave broke the news in this FanPost, if you missed it.) I really know nothing about Fu-Te Ni, but The Detroit Tigers Weblog has some information on him, as well as a YouTube clip of him in action.

Working the sentimental angle more than a statistical one, nonetheless argues a case Detroit Tigers fans can get behind: Alan Trammell for the Hall of Fame.

(via ShysterBall)

I collected comic books more than baseball cards as a kid, but if you still have boxes of cards sitting in your basement or garage, you'll probably enjoy Mike McClary's account of how he finally corraled his collection into something manageable and accessible. Maybe I should consult him on what to do with all my Batman and Spider-Man comic books.

Where does BYB favorite and world-class sunflower seed spitter Tony Phillips rank on The Spot Starters' list of Top 100 Detroit Tigers?

Brandon Inge will be inducted into the West Michigan Whitecaps Hall of Fame this year. Inge, along with Robert Fick and Francisco Cordero, are the inaugural inductees. Fick, by the way, is set to attend the ceremonial banquet on January 21, which will give you the opportunity to ask what he's been up to.

(via The Cutoff Man)

Rogo gets one more link today, because I had completely forgotten that Vince Coleman once played for the Tigers. Wow, that really happened? (Even if it was only for six games?) Unfortunately, Coleman stole the same amount of bases for Detroit that I have.