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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 01/13

TigerBlog wonders how Derek Lowe's new deal with the Braves (four years, $60 million) will influence Justin Verlander's negotiations for a long-term contract with Detroit. (And don't we have to assume this is a big reason why the team isn't making any moves in free agency? ... No offense to Adam Everett.)

Jon Paul Morosi looks at the Hall of Fame chances for Alan Trammell and Jack Morris and isn't encouraged. (I know this probably deserves its own post, but I don't know how much can really be said about it.)

At Minor League Ball, they're discussing the Biggest Prospect Failures. If you click through to the position player or pitcher threads, you'll see some (painfully) familiar names mentioned among the busts.

Lynn Henning still insists the Tigers might look at trading Magglio Ordonez. He's going down swinging on that one. Is it the only way Detroit can really find bullpen help?

Did you see the Pirates signed Craig Monroe (to a minor-league deal)? That'll break up all that Steelers coverage in Pittsburgh, I'm sure.

Tom Gage passes along some mixed opinions on Fu-Te Ni. Is he the "Taiwanese Okajima" or a "'fringy' left-handed specialist"?'s Jon Heyman says an observer told him Chad Cordero "threw very well" in his workout for 12 teams.