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The Quest For Relief Won't Be Ending This Week

If you were hoping our long, reliever-starved nightmare in Tiger Town was going to be ending this week with a possible signing of Brandon Lyon, Jason Beck says, "Not so fast, my friend":

The Tigers and Lyon's agent, Barry Meister, are talking. But Meister is still talking with other teams at this point, so nothing is close to being done. There was some belief that Lyon would be matching up with a team around mid-week, but that timetable appears to be out. Just figured I'd pass that along to temper some expectations out there.

Well, nuts. Here at BYB, we were inching toward Hot Stove news level Orange. I guess I can just take the rest of the week off, eh? Maybe catch a matinee showing of Frost/Nixon or Last Chance Harvey?

C'mon, Meister. Your client's got a virtually guaranteed closer's job in Detroit. Now, all you leave us with is to sort of make fun of your name. B-Meister! Negotiating with other teams. The B-Man! Claiming that you have two-year offers on the table. Barr-o-Rama! Barr-o-tollah!