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Will the Sleeping Tigers Awaken in 2009?

Ken Rosenthal seems to think the Detroit Tigers could be a sleeper team to watch out for in 2009. Or Dave Dombrowski is trying his best to convince him.

"We might be in a spot where all of a sudden our pitching is a lot better than people anticipate," Dombrowski says.

Rosenthal also quotes the agents for Nate Robertson and Dontrelle Willis, who both say - surprise, surprise! - that their respective clients are feeling good and throwing great.

Another interesting thought in Rosenthal's column is that the Tigers are a team that could face some major financial problems if they don't run off to a good start and generate excitement (and more importantly, attendance) among its fans.

So what do you say? Are the Tigers a sleeper? Are there too many "what-ifs" that need to come through on the pitching staff? Or is it a little bit early to be making predictions?