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Detroit's Thirst For Relievers Will Not Be Quenched

Did we mention the Detroit Tigers are expected to sign Scott Williamson? Okay, we just did.

Sorry, that was snarky. Let's be serious. The Brandon Lyon signing will get the headlines, because he'll likely be Detroit's closer. But this isn't a bad deal for the Tigers, and the kind of low-risk transaction (such as Brad Penny or Carl Pavano) that the team should be taking a chance on. If Scott Williamson is done (he didn't pitch in the majors last year), the Tigers only signed him to a minor-league contract. Dust off, and move on.

But if he's good enough to make the major league roster, Williamson gives Detroit a quality middle reliever who can come in and get a key strikeout when necessary. (For his career, Williamson averages 10.45 Ks per nine innings.)

Williamson's best year as a reliever was probably 2003, during which he posted 21 saves and 74 strikeouts in 62.7 innings for the Cincinnati Reds. However, he's had problems staying healthy, fighting injuries to his elbow (he had Tommy John surgery in both 2001 and 2004), forearm, triceps, and foot.

His career record is 28-28 with a 3.36 ERA.