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Share Your TigerFest with BYB!

So who's going to TigerFest this weekend? (We, unfortunately, are not. Those tix sold out fast!)

If you are, and you're bringing a camera, post some photos here for people to see! Share stories of players you met, parts of Comerica Park you toured, or any other observations that might entertain your fellow Tigers fans and BYB readers.

Or, since tomorrow's high in Detroit is forecast for 16 degrees, tell us what steps you took to stay warm. Hot pizza boxes have been known to make decent gloves. Or perhaps the vendors will let people sit right on the hot dog grills. How many space heaters did you see?

(And if those earflap hats are on sale at the Tigers shop in Comerica Park, let us know! Man, I want one of those.)

You can upload pictures as a FanShot, or publish stories as a FanPost, and they'll go in the right-hand sidebar. And we'll move the good stuff over to the front page, so everyone can get a better look. Though if there's new stuff posted, we hope you're clicking over there, anyway. (And if anyone has questions about how to post a FanShot or FanPost, let me know through the comments or e-mail, and I'll walk you through it.)

Have a great weekend, stay warm, and give us a vicarious taste of TigerFest!