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Yearning For Spring on The Detroit Tigers Podcast

For the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast, Mike McClary and I look back at the offseason that's been as the team that will report to Lakeland starts to come together.

First, we cover the transactions that have taken place, beginning with the Gerald Laird trade up to the Brandon Lyon signing. We then discuss four Tigers in need of a bounce-back season, and which of them is mostly likely to rebound. And finally, can you believe the names that are still available in free agency, even if there's no chance they'll come to Detroit?

I apologize in advance for how sleepy I sound. Cough medicine late in the morning can be a hell of a thing. (I thought I finally shook that thing. My throat says no.)

Episode #63 can be downloaded directly from this link or the RSS feed. You can also click over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more. Mike would love your feedback by posting a comment (here or there) or calling in to his listener line (602-903-5174). Thanks for listening!