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BYB on WTKQ: The Offseason Thus Far

After a tortured search during last night's Florida-Oklahoma national championship game, I found a program for Windows that would allow me to record streaming audio. And I got it synced up with my sound devices just in time to record my appearance on WTKQ's The Morning Ticket with Pat & Todd.

For those of who have followed the Detroit Tigers' offseason closely - which I presume covers much of the BYB readership - you'll already be familiar with what Pat, Todd, and I discussed. I got to express my concern about Detroit's failure to bring in a new reliever thus far, of course. But we mostly talked about the new Tigers - Edwin Jackson, Adam Everett, Gerald Laird, and Matt Treanor - and what they'll bring to the team this season.

Plus, I kind of got Jackson mixed up with Zach Miner, which was a little bit embarrassing. Can I say, "Hey, it was early - and I was a bit nervous and hyper"? Well, I just did.

Anyway, I think it went pretty well for our first time out. But I should let you judge for yourself. As Tony Kornheiser would say, I'll try to do better the next time. And hopefully, the Tigers give us a little more to talk about in the weeks to come. Thanks to Pat Johnston and Todd Guerne for inviting me onto their show. They do a great job covering a wide array of sports topics.

You can listen to an embedded audio clip below or download the file from the accompanying link. (At least, I hope so. This is the first time I've tried this.)