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Brandon Inge's TBS Feature

I'm a few days late with this Brandon Inge video, as I was hoping an embeddable copy would eventually become available from TBS. But MLB just doesn't allow its videos to be posted elsewhere. Not even TBS can get around that, unfortunately.


If you missed it (or haven't found it yourself already), TBS ran a feature on Inge's work with children at Mott Children's Hospital during the first and second playoff games on Wednesday afternoon.

For those of you who have been watching all season, you'll remember the stories of Tommy and Noah, and the home runs Inge ended up hitting for them. But if you'd like to relive those moments, and hear Inge talk about them, this is definitely worth your time.

Just be warned. Keep a box of tissues nearby or watch alone. You might find yourself getting a little misty.

You can see the video here, courtesy of the TBS Hot Corner blog.