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BYB Talks to Drunk Jays Fans and The Sports Show Live

Even a week later, people still want to talk about the Detroit Tigers' tiebreaker loss to the Minnesota Twins. That's understandable in Tiger Town. But fans from other teams want to hear our pain, as well. Maybe to help themselves feel better. Or feel like they're not alone out there.

Anyway, I was a guest on two podcasts Monday night to talk about the Tigers' end-of-season downfall and where they go from here.

First up, I chatted with the Drunk Jays Fans podcast to relive the events of October 6, 2009. And to the disappointment of the guys, I was kind of rational and zen about the whole thing. Hey, they gave me a week to reach acceptance. We also talked about the Miguel Cabrera episode, J.P. Ricciardi's firing in Toronto, and ridiculous trades the Tigers and Jays could make. Please excuse my voice occasionally giving out and some coughing. (We've been fighting a cold here at BYB HQ.)

You can listen to or download the clip here:


The complete show is available at The Score.

Next up was The Sports Show Live with our old friend, Joe Hayward. I think Joe really wanted me to cry while talking about the Tigers' collapse. Or he wanted to make me cry. I'm not sure. But we talk about what went wrong for the Tigers down the stretch, and what improvements they might try to make for next season. (Joe's a Yankees fan, so I don't think he's familiar with the idea that a team might not spend that much money.)

You can listen to or download the clip here:


The complete show is available at The Sports Show Live.

Thanks to the guys at Drunk Jays Fans and Joe for inviting me onto their shows. I'll have to try and return the favor when the Tigers play the Jays and Yankees next season. Or maybe sometime during the winter.

And thanks to you for listening.